Effective States and Inclusive Development

ESID team

Kat Bethell

Research Administrative Assistant
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Kat assists with general administration, including events and travel arrangements at ESID.

Julia Brunt

Programme and Uptake Manager


Julia manages the ESID programme and its uptake activities.

Clare Degenhardt

Editorial Administrator

Clare is Editorial Administrator at ESID; she works on ESID’s publications, as well as helping to keep the website up to date.

Prof Sam Hickey

Research Director


Sam Hickey is Professor of Politics and Development at the University of Manchester, and Joint Director of Research at ESID with Kunal Sen.

Prof David Hulme

David Hulme is CEO at ESID. He is also Professor of Development Studies, and Executive Director of the Global Development Institute, the University of Manchester.

Prof Diana Mitlin


Diana Mitlin is Professor of Global Urbanism and Director of the Global Urban Research Centre. Diana is Managing Director at the Global Development Institute, and coordinates ESID's capacity-strengthening activities.

Julie Rafferty

Finance Administrator
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Julie provides financial assistance to the Programme Manager, in line with the University of Manchester’s financial regulations and procedures.

Prof Kunal Sen

Research Director


Kunal Sen is Professor of Development Economics and Policy at the University of Manchester, and Joint Director of Research at ESID with Sam Hickey.

Anna Webster

Communications & Uptake Officer


Anna promotes the uptake of ESID research through communications - including website content, media outreach, and events.