Effective States and Inclusive Development
The politics of galamsey - illegal mining - in Ghana
Watch and read our new blogs based on our research into illegal mining in Ghana. Why does it happen and what can be done?
ESID turns 5!
Read about our progress so far as we enter phase two..
Renowned Indian business leader Naushad Forbes launches ESID book in Delhi
The Indian book launch of The Political Economy of India's Growth Episodes by Kar and Sen
Policy Workshop at BIGD, Bangladesh
On 16th February we held a workshop with leading Bangladesh experts discussing our research on growth, education, health & women's empowerment. Read the briefing here..
Open Access: Book by leading ESID researchers is now available free to all
ESID in Uganda
The team visits Makerere University to disseminate our findings. Read briefings on Uganda here..
LISTEN: The Story so Far
Listen to a podcast of Sam Hickey, Sohela Nazneen & Kunal Sen presenting ESID's findings to date..
Read our Working Papers, Briefing Papers and other publications.