Effective States and Inclusive Development
A week of events in Washington
Click on the picture to register for 1 December event at Sais, John Hopkins University
The Adrian Leftwich Memorial Lecture
Watch leading expert on democracy Nic van de Walle's lecture on social coaltions & democratic development in sub- Saharan Africa..
ESID in Uganda
The team visits Makerere University to disseminate our findings. Read briefings on Uganda here..
ESID receives major funding boost
We are delighted to announce that DFID has awarded The Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre an additional £3.1 million to extend our pioneering research until 2019. Find out more..
LISTEN: The Story so Far
Listen to a podcast of Sam Hickey, Sohela Nazneen & Kunal Sen presenting ESID's findings to date..
Two cheers for the (draft) World Development Report
Brian Levy applauds this landmark document for the development community
NEW VIDEO: Have newly created Indian states promoted inclusive development?
Leading academics and policy experts in India discuss. Watch the video of the workshop here..
Why do coalitions work in some places and not in others?
Watch fascinating film from Professor Diana Mitlin
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