Effective States and Inclusive Development
Podcast on new open access book
Listen to Dr Kate Pruce with insights on her chapter in new social protection book..
New open access book on social protection out today
Download the book and watch author Sam Hickey on what makes the book different
The ESID Annual Adrian Leftwich Memorial Lecture
This year we are delighted to welcome Professor Catherine Boone. Click on the image for more...
International bestselling author James Robinson summarises his new book The Narrow Corridor
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WATCH - Opening Plenary of ESID Flagship International Conference
With presentations from world leading experts David Hulme, Merilee Grindle and Sam Hickey..
PODCAST: What are the headlines of 9 years of research?
Duncan Green caught up with Sam Hickey at our recent flagship conference for a summary of the last 9 years. Click on the image to listen..
Spotlight on Sam Hickey and ESID's Major International Conference 9 - 11 September
5 open access books free to download
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