Effective States and Inclusive Development

Professor Fredrick Wanyama



Fredrick Wanyama is Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs at Kisii University, Kenya. He is also a Researcher on ESID’s project, The political economy of social protection expansion in Africa.


Professor Wanyama’s research interests include the politics of development and democratisation in Africa, and politics and social protection in Kenya.

ESID publications

Fredrick Wanyama and Anna McCord (2017). ‘The politics of scaling up social protection in Kenya‘. ESID Working Paper 87.

Recent publications

Fredrick O. Wanyama (2014). Cooperatives and the Sustainable Development Goals: A Contribution to the Post-2015 Development Debate, Geneva: ILO.

Fredrick O. Wanyama (2013). “Political leadership and development in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania”, in Maurice N. Amutabi and Shadrack W. Nasong’o (eds.), Regime Change and Succession Politics in Africa: Five Decades of Misrule, New York: Routledge,  pp. 17-47.

Fredrick O. Wanyama, Jorgen Elklit, Bodil Folke Fredericksen and Preben Kaarsholm (2014). “Ethnicity and/or issues? The 2013 general elections in Western Kenya”, Journal of African Elections, 13(2): 169-195.

Further information

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