Effective States and Inclusive Development

Professor Kunal Sen



Kunal Sen is Director Designate of UNU-WIDER, Professor of Development Economics and Policy at the Global Development Institute at the University of Manchester, and Joint Research Director of the ESID research centre.


Kunal’s current research is on the political economy determinants of inclusive development. His specific interest in this research is to understand the political economy determinants of inclusive growth, and the role of state capacity and political commitment to explain sub-national variation in policy implementation in India.

ESID publications

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All ESID working papers can be found here.

Other publications

Kunal published a paper in World Development, titled ‘The Political Dynamics of Economic Growth‘, which offers an original and provocative way of understanding why we see such sharp differences in living standards across the world, drawing from research undertaken in ESID.

Kunal’s most recent book, co-authored with Rajesh S. N. Raj, is Out of the Shadows? The Informal Sector in Post-reform India (2016, Oxford University Press).

Further information

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