Researching the politics of development


ESID has a growing series of peer-reviewed working papers, policy-related briefing papers, books and journal articles.

Working Papers
175/2023 The politics of central banking in Uganda: Exploring the rise and fall of Uganda’s premier ‘pocket of effectiveness’ Sam Hickey and Haggai MatsikoDownload
174/2023The politics of taxation in Uganda: The role of Uganda Revenue AuthoritySam Hickey Download
173/2021Political settlement dynamics and the emergence and decline of bureaucratic pockets of effectiveness in GhanaAbdul-Gafaru Abdulai Download
172/2021Pockets of effectiveness, political settlements and technopols in Uganda: From state-building to regime survivalSam Hickey, Badru Bukenya and Haggai MatsikoDownload
171/2021State capacity building in Zambia amidst shifting political coalitions and ideologiesCaesar Cheelo and Marja HinfelaarDownload
170/2021The politics of state capacity in post-genocide Rwanda: ‘Pockets of effectiveness’ as state-building prioritisations?
Benjamin ChemouniDownload
169/2021'The ‘new’ institutional politics of Ghana’s hydrocarbon governance
Kojo Pumpuni Asante, Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai and Giles MohanDownload
168/2021'Holding against the tide': Exploring the role of bureaucratic pockets of effectiveness in Kenya
Matthew TyceDownload
167/2021The politics of social protection in Nepal: State infrastructural power and implementation of the Scholarship Programme
Uma Pradhan, Deepak Thapa, Jeevan Baniya, Yangchen Gurung, Sanjay Mahato and Indrajit RoyDownload
166/2021The politics of social protection in Kenya:
State capacity, political competition and social pension registration in Marsabit County
Tahira Shariff Mohamed, Alesha Porisky and Patrick Mutinda MuthuiDownload
165/2020The political settlements dataset: An introduction with illustrative applicationsNicolai Shulz and Tim KelsallDownload
164/2020The politics of distributing social protection in Bangladesh: Insights from the Primary Education Stipends Project (Phase 3)Naomi HossainDownload
163/2020What next for the political economy of development in Africa? Facing up to the challenge of economic transformationDavid BoothDownload
162/2020Geographies of urban dominance: The politics of Harare’s peripheryJoAnn McGregor and Kudzai Chatiza Download
161/2020Is there a gender bias in deal making? Evidence from firm-level cross-country analysisSayema Haque Bidisha and Kunal SenDownload
160/2020Distributing social transfers in Rwanda: The case of the Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme (VUP) Timothy P. Williams, Sylvestre Nzahabwanayo, Tom Lavers and Eric Ndushabandi Download
159/2020‘KRA has the capacity, but it is kept on a tight leash’: The politics of tax administration and policy in Kenya Matthew TyceDownload
158/2020Zambia Revenue Authority professional performance amidst structural constraints, 1994-2019 Caesar Cheelo and Marja HinfelaarDownload
157/2020Revenue extraction is not enough: The ambiguous effectiveness of the Rwandan Revenue AuthorityBenjamin ChemouniDownload
156/2020The political economy of health insurance enrolment in Ethiopia: Party, state and the quest for universal health coverageTom LaversDownload
155/2020The distributional politics of social transfers in Kenya
Alesha PoriskyDownload
154/2020Gender equitable policy reforms in Bangladesh: The role of informal networks and practices
Maheen Sultan and Pragyna MahparaDownload
153/2020Bank of Zambia’s autonomy amidst political turnovers in Zambia
Caesar Cheelo and Marja HinfelaarDownload
152/2020The politics of building effective water utilities in the Global South: A case of NWSC Uganda
Badru BukenyaDownload
151/2020The political economy of central bank effectiveness: The case of National Bank of Rwanda
Pritish BehuriaDownload
150/2020The Kenyan National Treasury: A ‘pocket of effectiveness’ curtailed
Matthew TyceDownload
149/2020The politics of power and natural gas in Tanzania: How political settlement dynamics shapes deals in a ‘new oil’ country
Peter Bofin, Rasmus Hundsbæk Pedersen and Thabit Jacob Download
148/2020The politics of dominating Addis Ababa (2005-2018)
Eyob Balcha Gebremariam Download
147/2020State infrastructural power and social transfers: The local politics of distribution and delivering ‘progress’ in Ethiopia
Tom LaversDownload
146/2020Carrot, stick and statute: Elite strategies and contested dominance in Kampala
Nansozi K. Muwanga, Paul I. Mukwaya and Tom GoodfellowDownload
145/2020The politics of shelter: Understanding outcomes in three African cities
Diana MitlinDownload
144/2020Resource nationalism: Enabler or spoiler of pockets of effectiveness in ‘new oil’ Tanzania’s petroleum sector?
Rasmus Pedersen, Thabit Jacob and Peter BofinDownload
143/2020The political economy of automotive industry development policy in middle income countries:
A comparative analysis of Egypt, India, South Africa and Turkey

Anthony Black, Pallavi Roy, Amirah El-Haddad and Kamil YilmazDownload
142/2020The politics of distributing social transfers in Oromiya, Ethiopia: Encadrement and the fluctuation of state infrastructural power

Tom Lavers, Dunyat Haile and Yerosan Mesfin Download
141/2020The politics of distributing social transfers in Afar, Ethiopia:
The intertwining of party, state and clan in the periphery

Tom Lavers, Dawud Mohammed and Bisrat Wolde SelassieDownload
140/2020Competition, fragmentation and ‘resource factionalism’: The politics of governing oil and gas in Kenya
Matthew TyceDownload
139/2020What drives successful economic diversification in resource-rich countries?

Addisu A. Lashitew, Michael L. Ross and Eric WerkerDownload
138/2020Alternative routes to the institutionalisation of social transfers in sub-Saharan Africa: Political survival strategies and transnational policy coalitions

Tom Lavers and Sam HickeyDownload
137/2020Political settlements and the implementation of maternal health policy in the developing world:
A comparative case study of Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda and Bangladesh

Tim KelsallDownload
136/2020Cities and dominance: Urban strategies for political settlement maintenance and change – Zambia case study

Marja Hinfelaar, Danielle Resnick and Sishuwa SishuwaDownload
135/2020Control the capital: Cities and political dominance

Tom Goodfellow and David JackmanDownload
134/2020Gender equitable change and the place of informal networks in Uganda’s legislative policy reforms

Josephine Ahikire and Amon A. MwiineDownload
133/2020Political economy of policy and implementation in the Bangladesh health sector: Implications for reducing maternal mortality

Simeen Mahmud (with contributions from Nuzhat Sharmeen and Moogdho Mahzab)Download
132/2020The 2018 Bangladeshi election

Mathilde Maitrot and David JackmanDownload
131/2020Who should get what, how and why? DFID and the transnational politics of social cash transfers

Sam Hickey and Jeremy SeekingsDownload
130/2020The politics of central banking in Kenya: Balancing political and developmental interests

Matthew TyceDownload
129/2019Managing coercion and striving for dominance in Bangladesh

David Jackman and Mathilde MaitrotDownload
128/2019The politics of governing oil after ‘best-practice’ reforms: Can ‘pockets of effectiveness’ survive within Uganda’s political settlement?

Sam Hickey and Angelo IzamaDownload
127/2019Dominating Dhaka

David JackmanDownload
126/2019Will South Asia achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030? Learning from the MDGs experience

M. Niaz Asadullah, Antonio Savoia and Kunal SenDownload
125/2019The threat of student movements in Bangladesh: Injustice, infiltrators and regime change

David JackmanDownload
124/2019Political settlement and the politics of legitimation in countries undergoing democratisation: Insights from Tanzania

Rasmus Hundsbæk Pedersen and Thabit JacobDownload
123/2019Doing business in a deals world: The doubly false premise of rules reform

Sabyasachi Kar, Lant Pritchett, Spandan Roy and Kunal SenDownload
122/2019The challenge of sustaining a professional civil service amidst shifting political coalitions: The case of the Ministry of Finance in Zambia, 1991-2018
Marja Hinfelaar and Justine SichoneDownload
121/2019The shifting fortunes of the economic technocracy in Uganda: Caught between state-building and regime survival?Badru Bukenya and Sam HickeyDownload
120/2019The rise of the economic technocracy in Rwanda:
A case of a bureaucratic pocket of effectiveness or state-building prioritisation?
Benjamin ChemouniDownload
119/2019The politics of bureaucratic ‘pockets of effectiveness’: Insights from Ghana’s Ministry of Finance Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai and Giles MohanDownload
118/2019Pockets of effectiveness: The contributions of critical political economy and state theory Giles MohanDownload
117/2019The politics of state capacity and development in Africa: Reframing and researching ‘pockets of effectiveness’Sam HickeyDownload
116/2019The interplay of ideas, institutional innovations and organisational structures: Insights from group farming in India Bina AgarwalDownload
115/2019African development and the marginalisation of domestic capitalistsPritish Behuria Download
114/2019Service delivery reform in Nigeria: The rise and fall of the Conditional Grant Scheme to Local Government Areas (CGS to LGAs)Bala Yanusa Yusuf and David HulmeDownload
113/2019Political settlements and the delivery of maternal health services in rural UgandaBadru Bukenya and Frederick Golooba-MutebiDownload
112/2019Rethinking elite commitment to social protection in Ghana: Insights from an adapted political settlements approach Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai Download
111/2018The political prioritisation of welfare in India: Comparing the Public Distribution System in Chhattisgarh and JharkhandVasudha Chhotray , Anindita Adhikari and Vidushi Bahuguna Download
110/2018Social protection in an electorally competitive environment (2): The politics of health insurance in TanzaniaRasmus Hundsbæk Pedersen and Thabit JacobDownload
109/2018Social protection in an electorally competitive environment (1): The politics of Productive Social Safety Nets (PSSN) in Tanzania
Thabit Jacob and Rasmus Hundsbæk Pedersen Download
108/2018The politics of upgrading in global value chains: The case of Rwanda’s coffee sector
Pritish Behuria Download
107/2018The political economy of maternal healthcare in Ghana
Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai Download
106/2018Delivering maternal health services in Rwanda: The role of politics
Frederick Golooba-Mutebi with Yvonne HabiyonizeyeDownload
105/2018Elaborate scaffolding, weak foundations:
Business–government relations and economic reform in democratic South Africa
Alan Hirsch and Brian LevyDownload
104/2018The politics of local content legislation in GhanaIshmael Ayanoore Download
103/2018The political economy of social protection in MozambiqueLars Buur and Padil SalimoDownload
102/2018Decentralisation and teacher accountability: How the political settlement shapes governance in the education sector at sub-national levels in GhanaEdward Ampratwum, Mohammed Awal and Franklin Oduro Download
101/2018Globalised growth in largely agrarian contexts:
the urban–rural divide
Anirudh Krishna Download
100/2018Capacity, coalitions and context: a synthesis of ESID’s Phase I research
Sam Hickey and Kunal Sen
99/2018Transitions between growth episodes: Do institutions matter and do some institutions matter more?Selim Raihan, Sabyasachi Kar and Kunal SenDownload
98/2018State-movement partnership in Uganda: Co-producing an enabling environment for urban poverty reduction?Sophie King and Peter KasaijaDownload
97/2018Understanding the contribution of the BSUP (JNNURM) to inclusive cities in IndiaSundar Burra, Diana Mitlin and Gayatri Menon with Indu Agarwal, Preeti Banarse, Sharmila Gimonkar, Maria Lobo, Sheela Patel, Vinodkumar Rao and Monali Waghmare
96/2018Is there a fiscal resource curse?
Resource rents, fiscal capacity and political institutions
Tania Masi, Antonio Savoia and Kunal SenDownload
95/2018Taking ideas seriously within political settlements analysisTom LaversDownload
94/2018Political settlements, women’s representation and gender equality: The 2008 gender-based violence law and gender parity in primary and secondary education in RwandaJennie E.Burnet and Jeanne d'Arc KanakuzeDownload
93/2017Poverty reduction during 1990-2013: Did Millennium Development Goals adoption and state capacity matter?
M. Niaz Asadullah and Antonio SavoiaDownload
92/2017Do economic institutions matter for growth episodes?Sabysachi Kar, Selim Raihan and Kunal SenDownload
91/2017A political settlement approach to gender empowerment: The case of the Domestic Violence Act and girls’ education policy in GhanaBeatrix Allah-Mensah and Rhoda Osei-AffulDownload
90/2017Political economy of industrial policy in Turkey:
The case of the automotive industry
Erol Taymaz and Kamil YilmazDownload
89/2017 Varieties of state-building in Africa: Elites, ideas and the politics of public sector reformPablo YanguasDownload
88/2017The politics of core public sector reform in RwandaBenjamin ChemouniDownload
87/2017The politics of scaling up social protection in KenyaFredrick Wanyama and Anna McCordDownload
86/2017The problem with teachers: the political settlement and education quality reforms in BangladeshNaomi Hossain, Mirza Hassan, Md Ashikur Rahman, Khondoker Shakhawat Ali and M. Sajidul IslamDownload
85/2017The politics of core public sector reform in Uganda: Behind the façadeBadru Bukenya and William MuhumuzaDownload
84/2017School governance in a fragmented political and bureaucratic environment: Case studies from South Africa’s Eastern Cape province Brian Levy and Lawule ShumaneDownload
83/2017The governance of basic education in the Eastern Cape Zukiswa Kota, Monica Hendricks, Eric Matambo and Vinothan Naidoo Download
82/2017Competitive clientelism and the politics of core public sector reform in Ghana Daniel Appiah and Abdul-Gafaru AbdulaiDownload
81/2017Political settlements and the governance of extractive industry: A comparative analysis of the longue durée in Africa and Latin America Anthony Bebbington with Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai, Marja Hinfelaar, Denise Humphreys Bebbington and Cynthia Sanborn Download
80/2017The politics of natural resource extraction in Zambia Marja Hinfelaar and Jessica AchbergerDownload
79/2017Mining, political settlements and inclusive development in Peru
Cynthia Sanborn, Tania Ramírez and Verónica Hurtado Download
78/2017Competitive clientelism and the political economy of mining in Ghana
Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai Download
77/2017Political settlements, natural resource extraction, and inclusion in BoliviaDenise Humphreys Bebbington and Celina Grisi HuberDownload
76/2017The politics of negotiating gender equity in Bangladesh Sohela Nazneen and Rezwan MasudDownload
75/2017The politics of promoting social protection in Zambia Kate Pruce and Sam HickeyDownload
74/2017Corporate social responsibility and political settlements in the mining sector in Ghana, Zambia and PeruTomas FrederiksenDownload
73/2016Social protection in an aspiring ‘developmental state’:
The political drivers of Ethiopia’s PSNP
Tom LaversDownload
72/2016The political path to universal health coverage:
Elite commitment to community-based health insurance in Rwanda
Benjamin ChemouniDownload
71/2016Social protection in an aspiring ‘developmental state’:
The political drivers of community-based health insurance in Ethiopia
Tom LaversDownload
70/2016Democracy versus dictatorship? The political determinants of growth episodesKunal Sen, Lant Pritchett, Sabyasachi Kar and Selim RaihanDownload
69/2016The politics of promoting social cash transfers in UgandaSam Hickey and Badru BukenyaDownload
68/2016Understanding elite commitment to social protection: Rwanda’s Vision 2020 Umurenge ProgrammeTom LaversDownload
67/2016The politics and governance of basic education:
A tale of two South African provinces
Brian Levy, Robert Cameron, Ursula Hoadley and Vinothan NaidooDownload
66/2016Scalar politics and transnational governance innovations:
A political settlements lens on the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in the Andes
Anthony Bebbington, Elisa Arond and Juan Luis DammertDownload
65/2016Inclusion as political mobilisation:
The political economy of quality education initiatives in Uganda
Anne Mette Kjær and Nansozi K. Muwanga Download
64/2016Oriented towards action: The political economy of primary education in RwandaTimothy P. WilliamsDownload
63/2016 Is partisan alignment electorally rewarding?
Evidence from village council elections in India
Subhasish Dey and Kunal SenDownload
62/2016 The potential and limits of performance management:
Improving basic education in the Western Cape
Robert Cameron and Brian LevyDownload
61/2016 Leadership, stakeholders and learner performance in four Western Cape schoolsUrsula Hoadley, Brian Levy, Lawule Shumane and Shelly WilburnDownload
60/2016 When a ‘ruling alliance’ and public sector governance
meet: Managing for performance in South African basic
Robert Cameron and Vinothan NaidooDownload
59/2016How do political institutions affect fiscal capacity? Explaining taxation in developing economies Roberto Ricciuti, Antonio Savoia and Kunal SenDownload
58/2016The political economy of primary education reform in Cambodia
Tim Kelsall, Sothy Khieng, Chuong Chantha and Tieng Tek MuyDownload
57/2016The political settlement and ‘deals environment’ in Rwanda: Unpacking two decades of economic growth
Pritish Behuria and Tom GoodfellowDownload
56/2016The role and responsibility of foreign aid in recipient political settlements
Pablo YanguasDownload
55/2015The politics of promoting gender equity in contemporary Uganda: Cases of the Domestic Violence Law and the policy on Universal Primary Education
Josephine Ahikire and Amon A. MwiineDownload
54/2015The politics of governing oil effectively:
A comparative study of two new oil-rich states in Africa
Sam Hickey, Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai, Josephine Ahikire, Angelo Izama and Giles MohanDownload
53/2015Political settlements, the deals environment and economic growth: The case of Ghana
Robert Darko Osei, Charles Ackah, George Domfe and Michael DanquahDownload
52/2015Breaking the rules, breaking the game: external ideas, politics and inclusive development in Honduras
Sarah HuntDownload
51/2015Governance and inequality:
Benchmarking and interpreting South Africa’s evolving political settlement
Brian Levy, Alan Hirsch and Ingrid WoolardDownload
50/2015Political commitment in India’s social policy implementation:
Shaping the performance of MGNREGA
Deepta ChopraDownload
49/2015Transnational capital and the political settlement of Ghana’s oil economy Giles Mohan and Kojo Pumpuni AsanteDownload
48/2015The political settlement and oil in Uganda Sam Hickey with Badru Bukenya, Angelo Izama and William KizitoDownload
47/2015Investigating the political economy of social protection expansion in Africa:
At the intersection of transnational ideas and domestic politics
Tom Lavers and Sam HickeyDownload
46/2015Class politics and social protection: the implementation of India’s MGNREGA Indrajit RoyDownload
45/2015Beyond elite bargains: building democracy from below in Uganda Sophie King and Sam HickeyDownload
44/2014The political economy of economic growth in India, 1993-2013 Kunal Sen, Sabyasachi Kar and Jagadish Prasad SahuDownload
43/2014The political economy of inclusive healthcare in Cambodia Tim Kelsall and Seiha HengDownload
42/2014Local funds and political competition:
Evidence from the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in India
Bhanu Gupta and Abhiroop MukhopadhyayDownload
41/2014The politics of regional inequality in Ghana:
state elites, donors and PRSPs
Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai and David HulmeDownload
40/2014The political economy determinants of economic growth in Malawi Jonathan Said and Khwima SinginiDownload
39/2014Post-conflict pacts and inclusive political settlements: institutional perspectives from Solomon Islands David Craig and Doug PorterDownload
38/2014 Rethinking the politics of development in Africa?
How the ‘political settlement’ shapes resource allocation in Ghana
Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai and Sam HickeyDownload
37/2014 The political settlement and economic growth in CambodiaTim Kelsall and Seiha HengDownload
36/2014Ideas, interests and the politics of development change in India: capitalism, inclusion and the statePratap Bhanu Mehta and Michael WaltonDownload
35/2014The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in
Rajasthan: rationed funds and their allocation across villages
A. Mukhopadhyay Himanshu and M. R. SharanDownload
34/2014Politics, informality and clientelism
– exploring a pro-poor
urban politics
Diana MitlinDownload
33/2014Can aid bureaucracies think politically? The administrative
challenges of political economy analysis (PEA) in DFID and the World Bank
Pablo Yanguas and David HulmeDownload
32/2014Governance as a global development goal?
Setting, measuring and monitoring the Post-2015 Development Agenda
David Hulme, Antonio Savoia and Kunal SenDownload
31/2014"‘They don’t want to work’ versus ‘They
don’t want to provide work’: Seeking explanations for the
decline of MGNREGA in Rajasthan”
Deepta ChopraDownload
How should Uganda grow?Ricardo Hausmann, Brad Cunningham, John Matovu, Rosie Osire and Kelly WyettDownload
Rethinking spatial inequalities in development: the primacy of politics and power relationsAbdul-Gafaru AbdulaiDownload
A dynamic mapping of the political settlement in GhanaFranklin Oduro, Mohammed Awal and Maxwell Agyei AshonDownload
Overcoming the limits of institutional reform in Uganda
Matt Andrews and Lawrence BategekaDownload
Trillions gained and lost. Estimating the magnitude of growth episodesLant Pritchett, Kunal Sen, Sabyasachi Kar and Selim RaihanDownload
Building state capacity for inclusive development. The politics of public sector reform.Badru Bukenya and Pablo YanguasDownload
Politics, political settlements and social change in post-colonial RwandaFrederick Golooba-MutebiDownload
Political settlement dynamics in a limited-access order: the case of BangladeshMirza HassanDownload
Are service delivery NGOs building state capacity in the global South? Experiences from HIV/AIDS programmes in rural UgandaBadru BukenyaDownload
Natural resource extraction and the possibilities of inclusive development: politics across space and timeAnthony BebbingtonDownload
Investigating the links between political settlements and inclusive development in Uganda: towards a research agendaFrederick Golooba-Mutebi and Sam HickeyDownload
Donors, development agencies and the use of political economic analysis: getting to grips with the politics of development?Laura Routley and David HulmeDownload
Institutions, incentives and service provision: bringing politics back inBrian Levy and Michael WaltonDownload
Methods in governance research: a review of research approachesLawrence SáezDownload
Developing the guts of a GUT (Grand Unified Theory): elite commitment and inclusive growthLant Pritchett and Eric WerkerDownload
The political economy of implementing the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in IndiaAbhiroop MukhopadhyayDownload
Co-producing ineffective states: social knowledge, social policy and social citizenship in Africa and in developmentMaia GreenDownload
Gendered politics of securing inclusive developmentSohela Nazneen and Simeen MahmudDownload
China in Africa: impacts and prospects for accountable developmentGiles MohanDownload
The politics of what works for the poor in public expenditure and taxation: a reviewPaul MosleyDownload
Measurement and evolution of state capacity: exploring a lesser known aspect of governanceAntonio Savoia and Kunal SenDownload
Delivering effective social assistance: does politics matter?Armando Barrientos and Sony PellisseryDownload
The politics of rule of law systems in developmental states: 'political settlements' as a basis for promoting effective justice institutions for marginlized groupsDeval Desai and Michael WoolcockDownload
The politics of aid revisited: a review of the evidence on state capacity and elite commitmentArjan de Haan and Ward WarmerdamDownload
The politics of what works in service delivery: an evidence-based reviewClaire Mclouchlin and Richard BatleyDownload
The political dynamics of economic growthKunal SenDownload
Annotated bibliography on developmental states, political settlements and citizenship formationLaura RoutleyDownload
Developmental states: a review of the literature
Laura RoutleyDownload
State capacity and inclusive development: new challenges and directions
Matthias vom HauDownload
Thinking about the politics of inclusive development: towards a relational approach
Sam HickeyDownload
Briefing Papers
28/2018Public sector reform in Africa: Understanding the paths and politics of changeDownload
27/2017The Bangladesh Paradox: Why has politics performed so well for development?Download
26/2016Promoting urban poverty reduction in Uganda: Lessons for Slum-Dweller FederationsDownload
25/2016Promoting urban poverty reduction in Uganda: Lessons from TSUPU municipalitiesDownload
24/2016Promoting urban poverty reduction: Lessons from UgandaDownload
23/2016Public sector reform in Uganda: behind the façadeDownload
22/2016The politics of promoting social cash transfers in UgandaDownload
Governing health care in Uganda: explaining the mixed record on delivering rural maternal health servicesDownload
20/2016From schooling to learning: Is Uganda committed to increasing the quality of basic education?Download
19/2016The politics of promoting gender equity in UgandaDownload
18/2016Has Chhattisgarh done better than Jharkhand in promoting inclusive development?
A political settlements analysis of two newly created mineral rich Indian states
17/2016How politics shapes the quality of education in GhanaDownload
16/2016Politics and health service delivery: Insights from GhanaDownload
15/2016The politics of governing natural resources in Ghana: Towards inclusive development? Download
14/2016Ghana's political settlement and constraints to structural transformationDownload
13/2015Lessons from India's Basic Services for the Urban Poor programmeDownload
12/2015Making political analysis useful: Adjusting and scalingDownload
11/2015How commitment and class relations shape MGNREGA implementation in India Download
10/2014Researching the political economy determinants of economic growth: A new conceptual and methodological approach
(Research Framing Paper No. 4)
9/2014Researching the politics of natural resource extraction: A new conceptual and methodological approach
(Research Framing Paper No. 3)
8/2014Researching the politics of service provision:
A new conceptual and methodological approach (Research Framing Paper No. 2)
7/2014Researching the politics of gender:
A new conceptual and methodological approach (Research Framing Paper No. 1)
6/2014Supply or demand? How politics influences the implementation of the MGNREGA in Rajasthan Download
5/2014Mainstreaming political economy analysis (PEA) in donor agenciesDownload
4/2014Why state capacity matters for the post-2015 development agenda and how we should measure it
3/2014How should Uganda grow?
2/2014Closing the gap between form and function: a new approach to institutional reform in Uganda
1/2014Success and failure in MGNREGA implementation in India
Controlling the Capital: Political Dominance in the Urbanizing World Tom Goodfellow and David Jackman (Eds)Read more
Pockets of Effectiveness and the Politics of State-building and Development in AfricaSam Hickey (editor)Read more
Political Settlements and Development: Theory, Evidence, ImplicationsTim Kelsall, Nicolai Schulz, William D. Ferguson, Matthias vom Hau, Sam Hickey, and Brian Levy
Read more
The Politics of Distributing Social Transfers: State Capacity and Political Contestation in Sub-Saharan Africa and South AsiaTom LaversRead more
The Politics of Social Protection in Eastern and Southern AfricaSam Hickey, Tom Lavers, Miguel Niño-Zarazúa and Jeffrey Seekings (editors)Read more
Negotiating Gender Equity in the Global South: The Politics of Domestic Violence PolicySohela Nazneen, Sam Hickey and Eleni Sifaki (editors)Read more
The Politics of Education in Developing Countries: From Schooling to LearningSam Hickey and Naomi Hossain (editors)Read more
Why We Lie About Aid: Development and the Messy Politics of ChangePablo YanguasRead more
The Political Economy of India's Growth EpisodesSabyasachi Kar and Kunal SenRead more
The Politics and Governance of Basic Education: A Tale of Two South African ProvincesBrian Levy, Robert Cameron, Vinothan Naidoo and Ursula HoadleyRead more
Out of the Shadows? The Informal Sector in Post-Reform IndiaRajesh S.N. Raj and Kunal SenRead more
Governing Extractive Industries: Politics, Histories, IdeasAnthony Bebbington, Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai, Denise Humphreys Bebbington, Marja Hinfelaar and Cynthia A. Sanborn Read more
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The Dynamics of Economic Growth. A Visual Handbook of Growth Rates, Regimes, Transitions and Volatility.Sabyasachi Kar, Lant Pritchett, Selim Raihan and Kunal SenDownload
Effective States and Inclusive Development: An Introduction.Pablo YanguasDownload
The Politics of Inclusive Development: Interrogating the EvidenceSam Hickey, Kunal Sen and Badru Bukenya (editors)Read more
Journal Articles
TitleAuthorsDownloadJournal Title
The political economy of primary education:
Lessons from Rwanda
Timothy WilliamsRead moreWorld Development
Towards Universal Health Coverage in Ethiopia's ‘developmental state’? The political drivers of health insuranceTom LaversRead moreSocial Science & Medicine
Poverty reduction during 1990-2013.
Did millennium development goals and state capacity matter?
M. Niaz Asadullah,

Read moreWorld Development
The political path to universal health coverage: Power, ideas and community-based health insurance in RwandaBenjamin ChemouniRead moreWorld Development
Towards a universal political settlements concept: A response to Mushtaq KhanTim KelsallRead moreAfrican Affairs
How do political institutions affect fiscal capacity?Antonio Savoia,
Kunal Sen,
Read moreJournal of Institutional Economics
Violence and the breakdown of the political settlement: An uncertain future for Bangladesh?Mirza Hassan,

Read moreConflict, Security and Development
Party politics and the economy of Ghana's oilGiles Mohan,
Kojo Asante,
Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai
Read moreNew Political Economy
Mining, movements and sustainable development: Concepts for a framework (2018) Anthony Bebbington,
Denise Humphreys Bebbington
Read moreSustainable Development
The political economy of regional inequality in Ghana: Do political settlements matter? (2017) Abdul-Gafaru AbdulaiRead moreThe European Journal of Development Research
Are service delivery NGO's building state capacity in the global South? Experiences from HIV/AIDS programmes in rural Uganda (2017) Badru BukenyaRead moreDevelopment Policy Review
Building democracy from below: Lessons from Western Uganda (2017) Sophie King
Sam Hickey
Read moreJournal of Development Studies
The role and responsibility of foreign aid in recipient political settlements (2017) Pablo YanguasRead moreJournal of International Development
Rethinking spatial inequality in development: The primacy of power relations (2016) Abdul-Gafaru AbdulaiRead moreJournal of International Development