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Researcher spotlight: Blessings Chinsinga

14 May 2015 Role Professor Blessings Chinsinga is an ESID researcher in Malawi focusing on the country’s political settlement and

Researching the politics of public sector reforms in Malawi

15 January 2015. By Henry Chingaipe. The Effective States and Inclusive Development (ESID) Research Programme has commissioned a multi-country study

Dr Henry Chingaipe

Role Henry Chingaipe is a Director and Lead Consultant at the Institute for Policy Research and Social Empowerment, based in

The political economy determinants of economic growth in Malawi

Working Paper 40 Download pdf Jonathan Said and Khwima Singini Abstract Since independence Malawi has failed to translate initial periods

The reality of the zero-aid budget in Malawi

24 September 2014 By Blessings Chinsinga. The new government of Malawi that was ushered into power following the 20 May

Jonathan Said

Role Jonathan Said is an Economic Governance Advisor with the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative in Liberia. Research His previous

Malawi elections: more economic discussion needed

[caption id="attachment_2058" align="alignleft" width="300"] Economist Jonathan Said has been working in Malawi for three years.[/caption] Malawi goes to the polls

Professor Blessings Chinsinga

Role Blessings Chinsinga is Associate Professor at the Department of Political and Administrative Studies at Chancellor College, one of the

Trillions gained and lost – The Wealth of Nations revisited
Trillions gained and lost – The Wealth of Nations revisited

16 April 2014. By Kunal Sen. Why are there such significant and persistent differences in living standards across countries? This

The politics of core public sector reform: Leadership, social accountability and policy adaptation

Objective This project analyses whether 'new' approaches to public sector reform (PSR) centred on leadership, social accountability or policy adaptation

Dr Pablo Yanguas

Role Pablo Yanguas is Research Fellow at the Effective States and Inclusive Development (ESID) research centre, where he leads research

The politics of what works in service delivery: an evidence-based review

Working paper 6 Download pdf Claire Mcloughlin and Richard Batley Abstract This paper examines the evidence on the forms of