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Why should I care about economic growth?
Why should I care about economic growth?

Director of UNU-WIDER, Professor Kunal Sen is a world-leading expert in development economics and led on ESID's research into economic

Co-producing knowledge about government vision, commitment and capacity to reduce urban poverty in Uganda

  28 June 2016 By Sophie King in conversation with Katana Goretti, Peter Kasaija and Silver Owere In the first

Urban poverty in Uganda

Title What shapes state vision, commitment and capacity to reduce urban poverty in Ugandan towns and cities? A comparative study

The political economy of measuring state capacity and governance: Mapping transnational approaches and their production

Objective Given the immediate relevance for both the academic and the policy debate of the Post-2015 and Post-2030 development agendas,

The political economy of social protection

Phase 1 - the political economy of social protection expansion in Africa Objectives This research analyses the political economy of

The politics of regional inequality in sub-Saharan Africa: Insights from Ghana and Uganda

Objectives This project aims to deepen our understanding of the structural underpinnings of spatial inequality from a comparative perspective. It

Mapping the elites of development: a cross-national dataset of policy-makers' educational and professional backgrounds

Objective This project aims to generate valid and reliable data on the educational and professional background of key political and

Determinants of state capacity in developing economies

Objective This project aims to improve the current understanding of the structural conditions that underlie state capacity. It has a twofold

Have newly created Indian states promoted inclusive development? A comparison of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh

Objectives This project aims to bridge a gap in the understanding of differing development performance of newly created states, through

The political economy of agency-level governance and performance in South Africa: A preliminary round of comparative case studies

Objectives The goals of this project are two-fold: to explain why individual public agencies perform the way they do; and

The politics of state-business relations

Objectives This project aims to understand the nature and consequences of business-state interactions, through exploration of the politics of these

The provision of basic education in South Africa: Institutional and political challenges

Objectives Describe the de facto patterns of the governance of the teaching resource (with specific attention to their differences from

The politics of core public sector reform: Leadership, social accountability and policy adaptation

Objective This project analyses whether 'new' approaches to public sector reform (PSR) centred on leadership, social accountability or policy adaptation

The political economy determinants of economic growth

Objective This project aims to contribute to the literature on the political determinants of growth in three ways: Attempting to

The political economy of growth in Cambodia

Objective The political economy determinants of economic growth in Cambodia are studied using a political settlements approach, buttressed by conceptual

The political settlement and social provisioning in Cambodia

Objective In this project, political settlements and social provisioning in Cambodia are explored, using the health service as the unit

The politics of natural resources and inclusive development

Objective This project tracks the historical experience of countries with long-established histories of natural resource extraction in both Latin America

Oil, governance and inclusive development in Ghana and Uganda

Objective This study examines the implications of the recent oil finds in Ghana and Uganda. Cases Ghana and Uganda have

Gender and the political settlement

Objective This research project aims to investigate the relationship between women’s [political] inclusion and their ability to deliver gender-inclusive development,

The political economy of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) in India

Objective This research is based on the working hypothesis that state capacity at the sub-national and local levels, and the

Urban poverty in India

Title Understanding reasons to account for the specific nature and impacts of state interventions to reduce urban poverty in India,

The impact of ethnicity on state capacity

Objective The aim of this project is to arrive at some general theoretical formulations about the influence of ethnicity on