Effective States and Inclusive Development

The impact of Covid-19 on oil and gas producers in developing countries

  12 June 2020 Farwa Sial     The global oil industry is experiencing major shocks as the Covid-19 pandemic endures. The challenge to the industry is not just coming from a decline in global demand for energy commodities, but also from questions about the future of the

PODCAST: The politics of domestic violence policy – Sohela Nazneen talks to Prof Diane Elson

6 February 2020         Listen to ESID researcher, Sohela Nazneen, in conversation with economist and gender specialist, Professor Diane Elson, for IDS podcast series, Between the Lines. They discuss the surprising findings of the book edited by Sohela on negotiati

Acting together: Harnessing the power of the collective for reform

   Sohela Nazneen 19 December 2019 This blog features Sohela’s ESID work on gender and was originally published by The Development Leadership Programme. Image: Bangladesh Women Rally For Their Rights in India. Photo credit: Musfiq Tajwar, Solidarity Center.   The meaning of

The ‘big stuck’ in state capability and premature load bearing: Some new evidence

9 August 2019 Lant Pritchett   This post was first published on Harvard’s State Capacity Blog.   In the book Building State Capability one of the explanations of the very slow progress shown in acquiring effective and capability administration in developing countries w

Can politics help explain persistently low education quality in Rwanda?

3 April 2019 Tim Williams Based on Dr William’s research published in World Development, this post was originally featured as a guest blog for The Rise Programme.   Over the last two decades, the Rwandan government has received global recognition for its impressive efforts

Bangladesh is booming, but slide towards authoritarianism could burst the bubble

25 March 2019   M Niaz Asadullah & Antonio Savoia This post was first published in The Conversation     Bangladesh has been a development success story in recent years. The country made remarkable progress in poverty alleviation prior to the Millennium Development G

Prof Sam Hickey on The UN Global Dispatches Podcast – How countries can avoid the resource curse

 12 February 2018 Our Research Director, Professor Sam Hickey, is this week featured on The UN Global Dispatches Podcast. He talks about groundbreaking ESID research on how governments might avoid the resource curse – the negative consequences that befall a country when it disc

What are the limitations of working with the grain?

  17/1/19 Brian Levy     This post was first published on Brian’s blog Working with the Grain When does a call to ‘work with the grain’  violate foundational ethical commitments? Governance reversals globally have given new urgency to this question; it has recentl

Global development post-2015: some reflections on convergence and what facilitates it

   Antonio Savoia and David Hulme explore what we know and what we should ask next about developmental convergence.     Research on global development progress during the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) period has been tracking the shift in global wealth occurring with t

WATCH – Benjamin Chemouni on pockets of effectiveness in Rwanda

7 August 2018 Watch our ESID researcher in Rwanda, Dr Benjamin Chemouni, on his new research into pockets of effectiveness