Researching the politics of development


‘KRA has the capacity, but it is kept on a tight leash’: The politics of tax administration and policy in Kenya

Working paper 159 Download pdf Matthew Tyce This paper examines the factors that have influenced the performance of the Kenya

The distributional politics of social transfers in Kenya

Working paper 155 Download pdf Alesha Porisky This paper examines the politics of distributing social transfers across four diverse counties

The Kenyan National Treasury: A ‘pocket of effectiveness’ curtailed

Working paper 150 Download pdf Matthew Tyce This paper examines the factors that have shaped the ability of Kenya’s National

The Kenyan National Treasury: A ‘pocket of effectiveness’ curtailed Pockets of Effectiveness Working Paper 8 Download pdf Matthew Tyce This paper

Kenya's response to Covid-19

29 April 2020       Matthew Tyce   Along with several other African countries, Kenya has so far opted

Competition, fragmentation and ‘resource factionalism’: The politics of governing oil and gas in Kenya

Working paper 140 Download pdf Matthew Tyce This paper explores how Kenya’s political settlement has shaped the governance of its

The politics of central banking in Kenya: Balancing political and developmental interests

Working paper 130 Download pdf Matthew Tyce This paper analyses the performance of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) in

African development and the marginalisation of domestic capitalists

Working paper 115 Download pdf Pritish Behuria The revival of industrial policy discussions has operated in parallel to reports of

The politics of scaling up social protection in Kenya

Working paper 87 Download pdf Fredrick Wanyama and Anna McCord This paper discusses the role of Kenya’s political settlement in

The political challenge of turning transnational social protection goals into effective national policy coalitions

30 September 2015 Earlier this month at the Development Studies Association meeting, ESID researchers working on our social protection project

Researching the political economy of social protection in Africa

30 March 2015 By Tom Lavers When and why do states take a direct interest in the welfare of their

Dr Anna McCord

Role Anna McCord is a sociologist with a PhD in economics and over 25 years experience working in international development.

Professor Fredrick Wanyama

Role Fredrick Wanyama is Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs at Kisii University, Kenya, and Associate Professor of Political Science at

The political economy of social protection

Phase 1 - the political economy of social protection expansion in Africa Objectives This research analyses the political economy of