Effective States and Inclusive Development

What is political settlements analysis?

14 September 2020 ESID experts Tim Kelsall, Sam Hickey and David Hulme provide a clear and essential guide to political settlements analysis. What is it and why should you be interested? The graphics in this piece were developed by Tim Kelsall for ODI. The study of political settlemen

Bank of Zambia’s autonomy amidst political turnovers in Zambia

Working paper 153 Download pdf Caesar Cheelo and Marja Hinfelaar This working paper analyses the role of Zambia’s central bank, the Bank of Zambia (BOZ), in delivering on its mandate, following banking reforms in the early 1990s. Despite occasional political pressures arising out of t

The politics of building effective water utilities in the Global South: A case of NWSC Uganda Pockets of Effectiveness Working Paper 10 Download pdf Although most public water utilities in developing countries perform poorly, some have achieved remarkable turnarounds and now deliver e

The political economy of central bank effectiveness: The case of National Bank of Rwanda Pockets of Effectiveness Working Paper 9 Download pdf Pritish Behuria In a survey conducted in Rwanda by the Pockets of Effectiveness project, the Central Bank was listed as among the top-performi

The politics of shelter: Understanding outcomes in three African cities

Working paper 145 Download pdf Diana Mitlin This paper analyses the politics of shelter provision in three African cities, focusing on the needs of and provision for the low- and middle-income residents. Housing is a priority for low- and middle-income households. Governments influenc

Political settlements and the implementation of maternal health policy in the developing world: A comparative case study of Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda and Bangladesh

Working paper 137 Download pdf Tim Kelsall Maternal health, and in particular the issue of reducing maternal mortality, has been a prominent feature of the global health policy agenda for the past three decades. However, maternal health has rarely become a political priority at nation

Cities and dominance: Urban strategies for political settlement maintenance and change – Zambia case study

Working paper 136 Download pdf Marja Hinfelaar, Danielle Resnick and Sishuwa Sishuwa This paper tracks how the Patriotic Front (PF) – Zambia’s main opposition from 2006 to 2011, when the party won power – shifted its strategies of dealing with the urban poor, civil society and the mid

Control the capital: Cities and political dominance

Working paper 135 Download pdf Tom Goodfellow David Jackman As optimism about the ‘third wave’ of democratisation has waned in the face of continued and renewed authoritarianism across the world, analyses of authoritarian dominance remain focused primarily on the national scale. We ar

The politics of central banking in Kenya: Balancing political and developmental interests

Working paper 130 Download pdf Matthew Tyce This paper analyses the performance of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) in delivering on its mandate since the organisation gained formal independence in the early-1990s. It utilises a political settlements approach, tracking how the distribu

Pockets of effectiveness: The contributions of critical political economy and state theory

Working paper 118 Download pdf Giles Mohan The pockets of effectiveness (PoEs) debates and political settlements literature are rooted in particular forms of political economy analysis. At one level, this is a positive contribution to the mainstream development policy literature, and