Effective States and Inclusive Development

The political economy of central bank effectiveness: The case of National Bank of Rwanda

Working paper 151 Download pdf Pritish Behuria In a survey conducted in Rwanda by the Pockets of Effectiveness project, the Central Bank was listed as among the top-performing government organisations in the country. This paper examines the political determinants of the portrayal of t

The Kenyan National Treasury: A ‘pocket of effectiveness’ curtailed

Working paper 150 Download pdf Matthew Tyce This paper examines the factors that have shaped the ability of Kenya’s National Treasury (Ministry of Finance) to deliver on its mandate since the early 1990s. It identifies a key role for Kenya’s competitive and fragmented political settle

The Kenyan National Treasury: A ‘pocket of effectiveness’ curtailed Pockets of Effectiveness Working Paper 8 Download pdf Matthew Tyce This paper examines the factors that have shaped the ability of Kenya’s National Treasury (Ministry of Finance) to deliver on its mandate since the ea

The politics of power and natural gas in Tanzania: How political settlement dynamics shapes deals in a ‘new oil’ country

Working paper 149 Download pdf Peter Bofin, Rasmus Hundsbæk Pedersen and Thabit Jacob While research suggests that the rise in global oil prices from 2004 to 2014 strengthens the bargaining position of new ‘oil country’ governments, this paper suggests that the structure of deals is a

Competition, fragmentation and ‘resource factionalism’: The politics of governing oil and gas in Kenya

Working paper 140 Download pdf Matthew Tyce This paper explores how Kenya’s political settlement has shaped the governance of its emerging oil sector. Specifically, it examines three aspects of oil governance: (1) institutional arrangements within the sector; (2) the extent to which b

Political economy of policy and implementation in the Bangladesh health sector: Implications for reducing maternal mortality

Working paper 133 Download pdf Simeen Mahmud (with contributions from Nuzhat Sharmeen and Moogdho Mahzab) This paper discusses the politics of maternal health in Bangladesh. It seeks to relate the paradoxical combination of weak governance and strong progress towards maternal mortalit

Political settlement and the politics of legitimation in countries undergoing democratisation: Insights from Tanzania

Working paper 124 Download pdf Rasmus Hundsbæk Pedersen and Thabit Jacob In recent decades, reforms have been introduced in developing countries to promote economic transformation, democracy and the rule of law. However, structural factors have often undermined their implementation. T

The rise of the economic technocracy in Rwanda: A case of a bureaucratic pocket of effectiveness or state-building prioritisation?

Working paper 120 Download pdf Benjamin Chemouni The Rwandan Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN) is recognised as the most effective organisation in the Rwandan state. The objective of the paper is to understand the organisational and political factors influencing MI

The politics of bureaucratic ‘pockets of effectiveness’: Insights from Ghana’s Ministry of Finance

Working paper 119 Download pdf Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai and Giles Mohan   Ghana’s Ministry of Finance (MoF) has been identified as a ‘pocket of effectiveness’, both in relation to other state agencies and in terms of delivering on its mandate. However, this effectiveness has not been

Political settlements and the delivery of maternal health services in rural Uganda

Working paper 113 Download pdf Badru Bukenya and Frederick Golooba-Mutebi Technical questions, such as systems development and management; governance, the role of service users in financing and decision-making and resource availability, have long dominated research on healthcare provi