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Regional integration in South Asia: New issue of SANEM Thinking Aloud

15 July 2014.
The South Asia Network of Economic Modelling (SANEM) has just released the second issue of its monthly newsletter Thinking Aloud, edited by one of ESID’s partnership researchers, Selim Raihan, who is a key member of our growth project.
Dr. Raihan opens the issue by asking the why, how, what and who of deeper regional integration in South Asia. He posits that “regional integration will be a critical factor in the future growth processes” of South Asian countries, affecting inclusive growth through employment generation, poverty alleviation, and increased market competitiveness. But this is likely to require a major commitment by the region’s key actor, India.
Other topics covered by Thinking Aloud No. 2 include regional value chains, the investment regime in Bangladesh, as well as SANEM’s own activities fostering a stronger dialogue on LDC issues in Asia.