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Professor Robert Cameron

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Robert Cameron is a professor in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Cape Town. He is currently working with Brian Levy on ESID’s education project in South Africa.


Robert’s research interests include performance management, public sector reform and local government politics and administration.

ESID publications

Levy, B., Cameron, R., Hoadley, U. and Naidoo, V. (eds.) (2018). The Politics and Governance of Basic Education: A Tale of Two South African Provinces. Oxford University Press.
Levy, B., Cameron, R., Hoadley, U. and Naidoo, V. (2016). ‘The politics and governance of basic education: A tale of two South African provinces‘. ESID Working Paper No. 67. Manchester.
Cameron, R. and Levy, B. (2016). ‘The potential and limits of performance management: Improving basic education in the Western Cape‘. ESID Working Paper No. 62. Manchester.
Cameron, R. and Naidoo, V. (2016). ‘When a ‘ruling alliance’ and public sector governance meet: Managing for performance in South African basic education‘. ESID Working Paper No. 60. Manchester.
National Level Monitoring and Oversight of Performance (forthcoming)

Other recent publications

‘Public service reform in South Africa: From apartheid to new public management’. In Miller, K. and Massey, A. (eds.), International Handbook of Public Administration and Governance. Edward Elgar (2014).
‘Vertical decentralization and urban service delivery in South Africa: does politics matter?’ Development Policy Review, 32 (S1), (2014).
‘Conditional Grants in South Africa? Municipal (mis) use?’. In Ndletyana, M. and Maimela, D. (eds.), Essays on the Evolution of the Post-apartheid State – Legacies, Reforms and Prospects, MISTRA, (2013). Pp.165-196.
‘Representative bureaucracy in South Africa’. In Von Maravic, P., Peters, B. G. and Schröter, E. (eds.), Representative Bureaucracy In Action, Country Profiles from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. Edward Elgar, (2013), 171-187 (with C. Milne).

Other roles

Senior Fellow, Global Cities Institute (GCI) at the University of Toronto.

Further information

See the University of Cape Town website.