Researching the politics of development



Mohammed Awal


Mohammed Awal is a research analyst, and social accountability programming team lead at the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana).


Mohammed’s research interest is in political accountability, politics of government service delivery, impact of decentralisation reform on local/urban governance, politics of cities and slums, and the role of the middle class in shaping political and social outcomes. For ESID, Mohammed has led, with colleagues at CDD-Ghana, ESID research on framing Ghana’s political settlement and, more substantively, on the politics of education service delivery in Ghana.

ESID publications

Ampratwum, E., Mohammed, A. and Oduro, F. (2018). ‘Decentralisation and teacher accountability: How the political settlement shapes governance in the education sector at the sub-national levels in Ghana’, ESID Working Paper 102. Manchester.
Mohammed, A., Oduro, F. and Ashon, M. (2014). ‘A dynamic mapping of the political settlement in Ghana’, ESID Working Paper No. 28. Manchester.

Further information

Read Mohammed’s profile on the CDD-Ghana website.