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EVENT: State-business relations in development seminar

ESID are linking up with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) for a one-day workshop at the National Council For Voluntary Organisations in London on 7 December 2016 to explore the role of state and business relations in creating development outcomes.
With the growing role allocated to business in development thinking and practice, especially in relation to the SDGs, understanding the relationship of business with the state is more crucial than ever. Business is not an autonomous or homogeneous development actor, and the contribution of business to development is shaped by its interactions with the state: who is involved and what the nature of the relationship is. The state may engage not only as regulator or coordination partner, but also at times as facilitator, co-conspirator, or adversary. There is much we still need to learn about the structure and process of business and the state interactions with regards to economic development as well as impacts beyond growth.
This event will highlight emerging and prominent research in this area, and identify opportunities for collaboration and further cross-fertilisation of ideas towards a better understanding of the role of state-business relations in shaping development outcomes. We hope that you will be able to join us.
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List of speakers:
Jodie Thorpe, Fellow and leader of the Business, Markets and States cluster, Institute of Development Studies, UK: State-Business Relations Beyond Growth
Kunal Sen, Prof of Development Economics & Policy, University of Manchester, UK: Deals and Development: The Political Economy of State-Business Relations and Economic Growth
Dirk Willem Te Velde , Senior Research Fellow and David Both, ODI, UK: Public and Private Sector Collaboration for Economic Transformation
Izak Atiyas, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sabancı University Istanbul, Turkey: Changing State Business Relations in Turkey
Katherine Trebeck, Senior Researcher, Oxfam UK, Oxford: Businesses fit for the challenges of our time: what needs to change and how can the state play a constructive part?
Pallavi Roy, Lecturer, SOAS South Asia Institute, London UK: The Auto Sector in Tamil Nadu, India: Growth under Clientelism
Peng Lu, Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: The Changing Government-Business relationship under the ‘New Normal’ in China
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