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Dr Timothy Williams



Dr Timothy Williams is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education; Adjunct Professor in Global Social Work at Boston College; and Researcher for ESID in Rwanda.


Timothy’s research interests are in education, childhood studies, international development, and Rwanda.

ESID publications

Williams, T. (2016). ‘Oriented towards action: The political economy of primary education in Rwanda‘. ESID Working Paper No. 64. Manchester.

Other recent publications

Williams, T. P. (2017). ‘The political economy of primary education: Lessons from Rwanda’. World Development, 96: 550-561.
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Williams, T. P. (2014). ‘Book review: From Classrooms to Conflict in Rwanda by Elisabeth King’. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014. Comparative Educational Review, 58(4): 736-738.
Williams, T. P., Abbott, P. and Mupenzi, A. (2014). ‘”Education at our school is not free”: The hidden costs of fee-free schooling in Rwanda’. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 45(6): 931-952.

On the blog

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Williams, T. (24 August 2016). ‘Why is the quality of children’s education in Rwanda surprisingly low?