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Dr Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai



Abdul-Gafaru is a lecturer at the Department of Public Administration, University of Ghana Business School. He is also an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Manchester. Within ESID he has produced a conceptual and methodological framework for comparative research into the politics of spatial inequality, contributing to ESID’s primary research within Programme Four – ‘The politics of recognition’.


Abdul-Gafaru’s research interests are the politics of development (as it relates in particular to the spatial dimensions of inequality, social protection and poverty reduction); extractive sector governance (specifically mining and oil) and its impact on social and economic development outcomes; democratisation, human rights and elections in Africa. For ESID, Abdul-Gafaru is leading a country study around the politics of Ghana’s mining industry as part of a wider comparative research project on natural resource governance in Ghana. He is also undertaking research on the roles of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, Civil Society and Parliament in oil sector governance in Ghana.

ESID publications

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Other recent publications

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‘The politics of educational inequality in Ghana: from patronage to ruling coalitions?’, paper accepted for presentation at the American Political Science Association’s workshop on ‘Distributive Politics and Distributive Good’, Maputo, Mozambique, June 28-July 11, 2014.
‘The politics of social spending and spatial inequality in Ghana’. Paper accepted for presentation at the Seventh World Congress and Young African Scholars Program, the International Economic Association, Amman, Jordan, June 6-10, 2014.

Further information

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