Researching the politics of development


Political settlement dynamics and the emergence and decline of bureaucratic pockets of effectiveness in Ghana

Download pdf Working paper 173 Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai This paper explores the factors that shape the performance trajectories of three relatively

Pockets of effectiveness, political settlements and technopols in Uganda: From state-building to regime survival

Download pdf Working paper 172 Sam Hickey, Badru Bukenya and Haggai Matsiko Uganda’s impressive levels of economic performance over much

State capacity building in Zambia amidst shifting political coalitions and ideologies

Download pdf Working paper 171 Caesar Cheelo and Marja Hinfelaar This paper summarises research on the ‘pocket of effectiveness’ (POE)

What next for the political economy of development in Africa? Facing up to the challenge of economic transformation

Download pdf Working paper 163 David Booth The forthcoming final conclusions of the Effective States and Inclusive Development (ESID) programme

The politics of state capacity in post-genocide Rwanda: ‘Pockets of effectiveness’ as state-building prioritisations?

Download pdf Working paper 170 Benjamin Chemouni The paper analyses pockets of effectiveness (PoEs) – public organisations that function better

The ‘new’ institutional politics of Ghana’s hydrocarbon governance

Download pdf Working paper 169 Kojo Asante, Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai and Giles Mohan Ghana’s discovery of oil in 2007 saw a

‘Holding against the tide’: Exploring the role of bureaucratic pockets of effectiveness in Kenya

Download pdf Working paper 168 Matthew Tyce This paper explores the factors that have influenced the performance of the Central

The politics of social protection in Nepal: State infrastructural power and implementation of the Scholarship Programme

Download pdf Working paper 167 Uma Pradhan, Deepak Thapa, Jeevan Baniya, Yangchen Gurung, Sanjay Mahato and Indrajit Roy This paper

The politics of social protection in Kenya: State capacity, political competition and social pension registration in Marsabit County

Download pdf Working paper 166 Tahira Shariff Mohamed, Alesha Porisky and Patrick Mutinda Muthui In 2017, the government of Kenya

The political settlements dataset: An introduction with illustrative applications

Download working paper pdf Download political settlements dataset codebook pdf Download dataset introduction paper, country-year coder-level dataset and the core

The politics of distributing social protection in Bangladesh: Insights from the Primary Education Stipends Project (Phase 3)

Download pdf Working paper 164 Naomi Hossain In 2016, a conditional cash transfer programme that had been assisting targeted poor

Geographies of urban dominance: The politics of Harare’s periphery

Download pdf Working paper 162 JoAnn McGregor and Kudzai Chatiza This paper examines how Zimbabwe’s ruling party ZANU(PF) sought to

Distributing social transfers in Rwanda: The case of the Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme (VUP)

Download pdf Working paper 160 Timothy P. Williams, Sylvestre Nzahabwanayo, Tom Lavers and Eric Ndushabandi This paper examines the political dynamics shaping

‘KRA has the capacity, but it is kept on a tight leash’: The politics of tax administration and policy in Kenya

Working paper 159 Download pdf Matthew Tyce This paper examines the factors that have influenced the performance of the Kenya

Zambia Revenue Authority professional performance amidst structural constraints, 1994-2019

Working paper 158 Download pdf Caesar Cheelo and Marja Hinfelaar The objective of this paper is to understand the RRA’s

Revenue extraction is not enough: The ambiguous effectiveness of the Rwandan Revenue Authority

Working paper 157 Download pdf Benjamin Chemouni The objective of this paper is to understand the RRA’s relatively high, and

The political economy of health insurance enrolment in Ethiopia: Party, state and the quest for universal health coverage

Working paper 156 Download pdf Tom Lavers Many developing countries are considering insurance as a means of pursuing universal health

The distributional politics of social transfers in Kenya

Working paper 155 Download pdf Alesha Porisky This paper examines the politics of distributing social transfers across four diverse counties