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11/20Bank of Zambia’s autonomy amidst political turnovers in ZambiaCaesar Cheelo and Marja Hinfelaar Download
10/20The politics of building effective water utilities in the global South: A case of NWSC Uganda

Badru BukenyaDownload
9/2020The political economy of central bank effectiveness: The case of National Bank of Rwanda

Pritish BehuriaDownload
8/2020The Kenyan National Treasury: A ‘pocket of effectiveness’ curtailed

Matthew TyceDownload
7/2020The politics of central banking in Kenya: Balancing political and developmental interests

Matthew TyceDownload
6/2019The challenge of sustaining a professional civil service amidst shifting political coalitions: The case of the Ministry of Finance in Zambia, 1991-2018
Marja Hinfelaar and Justine Sichone Download
5/2019The shifting fortunes of the economic technocracy in Uganda: Caught between state-building and regime survival?Badru Bukenya and Sam HickeyDownload
4/2019The rise of the economic technocracy in Rwanda: A case of a bureaucratic pocket of effectiveness or state-building prioritisation?Benjamin ChemouniDownload
3/2019The politics of bureaucratic ‘pockets of effectiveness’: Insights from Ghana’s Ministry of FinanceAbdul-Gafaru Abdulai and Giles MohanDownload
2/2019Pockets of effectiveness: The contributions of critical political economy and state theoryGiles MohanDownload
1/2019The politics of state capacity and development in Africa: Reframing and researching ‘pockets of effectiveness’ Sam HickeyDownload