Researching the politics of development

Consortium Advisory Group (CAG)

ESID’s Consortium Advisory Group (CAG) is an interdisciplinary body independent of The University of Manchester. The group acts in an advisory capacity to the CEO and plays an important role in the quality control and oversight of ESID.
Specifically, the CAG advises on strategy, taking an overview of the shape, direction and implementation of the research programme to ensure it meet its objectives and addresses the priority knowledge needs of poor people.
The CAG has an independent chair and the members offer a variety of expertise, coming from different countries and organisations.
Margaret Kakande (Ministry of Finance, Government of Uganda) – Chair
David Booth (Overseas Development Institute and Director of the Africa Power and Politics Programme RPC)
Peter Evans (University of California, Berkeley)
Augustin K. Fosu (Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research, University of Ghana)
Duncan Green (OXFAM, Great Britain)
Barbara Harriss-White (University of Oxford)
Sheela Patel (Slum Dwellers International)
Helen Richards (DFID)