Researching the politics of development



WEBINAR – The politics of addressing Africa’s urban challenge

Dr Eyob Gebremariam, London School of Economics

Dr Tom Goodfellow, University of Sheffield

Professor Diana Mitlin, Global Development Institute

Chair: Dr Beth Chitekwe-Biti, Slum Dwellers International

Urbanisation is occurring faster in Africa than in any other continent. Whether countries are able to use this to achieve higher levels of economic development, and ensure more sustainable and inclusive futures for people in Africa’s cities, is directly shaped by political settlements and complex relations of power. This webinar delivers the key findings of ESID’s work on the links between political settlements and urban governance. ESID researchers present insights from the study of Addis Ababa as well as the comparative findings and overview. The session also explores how GDI’s new African Cities Research Centre will be using political economy analysis to identify and help promote new approaches to urban governance and development, in partnership with local civil society actors, local government officials and researchers.