Researching the politics of development

Making a difference

ESID’s aspiration is to change how development scholars and practitioners think about inclusion, capacity and commitment. That is why most of our research engages directly with Northern and Southern policymakers, not just as subjects of study, but also as stakeholders


By involving policymakers in the design, conduct and oversight of our research, we hope to ensure that our work has tangible benefits for them. We also aim to empower advocates for a more politically nuanced and analytically sophisticated approach to inclusive development.
Some of our projects involve a close relationship with governance advisers at aid agencies like DFID and the World Bank. More importantly, much of our research involves the direct participation of Southern partners, both governmental and non-governmental.

Watch ESID Joint Director of Research Sam Hickey discuss early findings on inclusive governance in oil-rich countries, and on how women’s inclusion can best promote gender equity.