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Dr Tomas Frederiksen



Tomas Frederiksen is a lecturer in international development at the Global Development Institute (GDI), the University of Manchester. He is co-investigator on the ESID natural resources project, which tracks the politics of natural resources and inclusive development over time.


Tomas’s recent research, spanning environmental and political geography and international development, examines the multi-scalar political economy of regimes of transnational environmental governance in the extractive sector. Specifically, it examines the intertwined recent global booms in mining and corporate social responsibility and the governance of their political and development impacts in the Global South.
His work for ESID focuses on the politics of natural resource extraction, in particular the interactions between political settlements and corporate social responsibility at multiple scales in Ghana, Peru and Zambia.

ESID publications

Frederiksen, T. (2016). ‘Corporate social responsibility and political settlements in the mining sector in Ghana, Zambia and Perú‘. ESID Working Paper No. 74. Manchester.

Other publications

Frederiksen, T. 2014. ‘Authorizing the “natives”: Governmentality, dispossession and the contradictions of rule in colonial Zambia’, Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 104(6): 1273–1290.
Frederiksen, T. 2013. ‘Seeing the copperbelt: Science, mining and colonial power in Northern Rhodesia’, Geoforum, 44(1): 271–281.

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