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International bestselling author James Robinson delivers keynote on his new book The Narrow Corridor

11 October 2019 At the ESID conference we were lucky enough to have Professor James Robinson, author with Daron Acemoglu

WATCH – Lant Pritchett's conference keynote
WATCH – Lant Pritchett's conference keynote

8 October 2019Watch the University of Oxford's Lant Pritchett deliver his keynote to the ESID conference - 'The difficult dynamics

Heather Marquette's paper to the ESID conference, on 'Rethinking organised crime and development'

8 October 2019 Heather Marquette is Professor of Development Politics at the University of Birmingham and Senior Research Fellow at

PODCAST – Professor Victoria Lawson lecture on re-politicising poverty

7 November 2018 Head of the Relational Poverty Network and Professor of Geography at The University of Washington, Seattle, Prof