Researching the politics of development


Dr Pablo Yanguas

Pablo Yanguas is Research Associate at ESID. He is working with the CEO to drive research under ESID's programme on the

Dr Matthias vom Hau

Matthias vom Hau is an Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics at the Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI) and a researcher

Prof Kunal Sen

Kunal Sen is Professor of Development Economics and Policy at The University of Manchester, and a Joint Director of Research

Prof Sohela Nazneen

Sohela Nazneen is a Professor of International Relations at University of Dhaka and a Lead Researcher at the Center for Gender

Prof Giles Mohan

Giles Mohan is Professor of International Development at the Open University and a co-investigator on ESID's research project on oil

Prof David Hulme

David Hulme is the CEO of ESID. He is also Professor of Development Studies; Executive Director, Brooks World Poverty Institute (BWPI);

Prof Sam Hickey

Sam Hickey is Professor of Politics and Development at The University of Manchester, and Joint Director of Research at ESID.  

Prof Blessings Chinsinga

Blessings Chinsinga is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political and Administrative Studies at Chancellor College, the University of Malawi.

Jonathan Said

Jonathan Said is an economist based in Malawi, working with the consultancy Imani Development.

Prof Diana Mitlin

Diana Mitlin is Professor of Global Urbanism, Director of Global Urban Research Centre and Associate Director of the Brooks World Poverty