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NEW OPEN ACCESS BOOK – Negotiating Gender Equity in the Global South: The Politics of Domestic Violence Policy

12 March 2019

“This book provides exciting new ways of thinking about how women’s rights policy change occurs in the Global South. … It is certain to influence contemporary thinking about gender-related policy reform…” 
Professor Aili Mari Tripp, University of Wisconsin-Madison
ESID’s latest book uncovers the multiple political dynamics that influence gender equality policy adoption and implementation in the Global South. Women’s increased presence in formal politics does not fully explain the pace of change.  Rather, inter-elite bargaining, coalitional politics, social movement activism and historical processes of state formation combine to shape policies that promote gender equity.
Specifically, the book looks at the conditions under which countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asica have adopted legislation against domestic violence. This book is perfect for students, scholars and practitioners with an interest in advancing gender equality in the Global South.
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