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Matthias vom Hau responds to prestigious CPS award

29th September 2017

ESID expert and Associate Professor at the Barcelona Institut Estudis Internacionals Matthias vom Hau has been awarded the prestigious editorial best paper award from the Comparative Political Studies Journal. The award was for Ethnicity in Time: Politics, History and the Relationship between Ethnic Diversity and Public Good Provision. The paper pushes for a new research agenda, challenging one of the most powerful theories in political economy – the supposedly negative relationship between ethnic diversity and public goods provision. The prize is given annually by the CPS editorial board for the best paper published within the journal in the previous year.
Matthias said “The news about the award caught Prerna Singh, my co-author, and I completely by surprise. ESID had a strong influence on the award of this prize. We received extremely insightful and stimulating feedback from the ESID research community when we presented initial versions of the piece at various workshops. ESID support was also crucial in enabling me to complete the article and the special issue it was part of.”
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