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Events in Washington

30 November 2016
This week ESID are in Washington DC for a number of exciting events. Today starts with a seminar at the World Bank with co-author of the forthcoming World Development Report on Governance and the Law, Yongmei Zhou.
Below are more details of this and the rest of the week’s events. If you’re in Washington please do register on Eventbrite and come along!
Wednesday 30/11, 9.15–2.00
The World Bank – Political Economy in Education and Social Protection
Yongmei Zhou, co-author of the World Development Report will introduce the event and give insights on the report, followed by presentations by Sam Hickey, Naomi Hossain and Brian Levy.
Wednesday 30/11, 6.00
Event for Alumni: David Hulme – Should Rich Nations Help the Poor? Embassy of Colombia, 1724 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036.
Thursday 1/12, 12.30-2.00 p.m.
David Hulme – Bangladesh Confronts Climate Change. World Resources Institute, 10 G Street NE Suite 800, Washington, DC 20002.

Thursday 1/12, 4.30–6.00
ESID – How do politics and power shape development?

Friday 2/12, 9.00–5.00
ESID – The Political Economy of State-Business Relations in Middle Income Countries: Productivity, Politics and Society in 21st Century Capitalism

  • Sais, John Hopkins University
  • Brian Levy and Michael Walton