Researching the politics of development



Dr Matthew Tyce


Matthew is an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow at The Global Development Institute where he undertook his PhD. Matthew is also a researcher with ESID, leading on Kenya research across the pockets of effectiveness, growth and natural resource governance projects.


Matthew’s research examines the political economy of late development, with a focus on Kenya. He is particularly interested in the political economy of growth and structural transformation; industrial and innovation policy; state capacity and state-business relations; natural resource governance; and energy transitions.


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Tyce, M. (2020). ‘The politics of central banking in Kenya: Balancing political and developmental interests‘, ESID Working Paper 130. Manchester.

Other publications

Tyce, M. (2020). Unrealistic expectations, frustrated progress and an uncertain future? The political economy of oil in Kenya. The Extractive Industries and Society.
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