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Dr Badru Bukenya



Badru Bukenya is a lecturer at Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration. He is also a Research Associate at ESID, the University of Manchester.


Badru’s research interests include civil society; the politics of service delivery; state and citizenship-building; and governance of natural resources.

ESID publications

S. Hickey, B. Bukenya and H. Matsiko (2021). ‘Pockets of effectiveness, political settlements and technopols in Uganda: From state-building to regime survival‘. ESID Working Paper No. 172. Manchester.

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Bukenya, B. (2013). ‘Are service-delivery NGOs building state capacity in the global South? Experiences from HIV/AIDS programmes in rural Uganda‘. ESID Working Paper No. 22. Manchester.

Other recent publications

Bukenya, B. (2017). ‘Are service‐delivery NGOs building state capacity in the Global South? Experiences from HIV/AIDS programmes in rural Uganda‘. Development Policy Review 36(1): 0378-0399.
Hickey. S., Sen, K. and Bukenya, B. (eds.) (2014). The Politics of Inclusive Development: Interrogating the Evidence. Oxford University Press.
Bukenya, B. and Hickey, S. (2014). ‘NGOs, civil society and development in Africa‘. In: Obadare, E. B. (ed.) Handbook of Civil Society in Africa. New York; London: Springer.

Further information

Find Badru via the University of Makerere website.