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Angelo Izama



Angelo is an independent researcher involved in research on Uganda’s oil sector.


Research interests include extractives, governance and minorities; extractives and regional security; political settlements and oil.

ESID publications

Angelo is currently providing research support to Prof Sam Hickey on the comparative Ghana/Uganda study of political settlements in newly oil-producing African nations. He is specifically working on understanding Uganda’s oil players and energy sector contracts, including their oil footprint.
Hickey, S. and Izama, A. (2019). ‘The politics of governing oil after ‘best-practice’ reforms: Can ‘pockets of effectiveness’ survive within Uganda’s political settlement? ESID Working Paper No. 128. Manchester.
Hickey, S.,  Abdulai, A.-G., Izama, A. and Mohan, G. (2015). ‘The politics of governing oil effectively: A comparative study of two new oil-rich states in Africa‘, ESID Working Paper No. 54. Manchester.
Hickey, S. with Bukenya, B., Izama, A. and Kizito, W. (2015). ‘The political settlement and oil in Uganda‘, ESID Working Paper No. 48. Manchester.

Other roles

Angelo is also a Ugandan journalist and blogger.

Further information

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