Effective States and Inclusive Development

Developmental states: a review of the literature

Working paper 3 Download pdf Laura Routley Abstract This paper conducts a review of the literature concerning developmental states, in order to identify gaps and suggest research questions which could be fruitful for the Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Consortium t

The politics of what works in service delivery: an evidence-based review

Working paper 6 Download pdf Claire Mcloughlin and Richard Batley Abstract This paper examines the evidence on the forms of politics likely to promote inclusive social provisioning and enable, as opposed to constrain, improvements in service outcomes. It focuses on eight relatively su


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Programme 3: Social provision

Capacity and commitment: The politics of social provision ESID’s approach is based on the premise that states can be engines of inclusive development by providing public services to people living in poverty and those who are sidelined by markets and politicians. Looking at how Norther