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Zambia’s response to Covid-19 Part 2: ‘We have to choose life or livelihood or both’

30 May 2020 Discover the latest on the response to Covid-19 in Zambia Any glimmer of hope that the Covid-19 crisis would provide an opportunity for technocrats to assert themselves, within the increasingly personalised approach to policy-making under Zambia’s ruling Patriotic Front (P

What’s driven Uganda’s Public Water Corporation’s inadequate response to the Covid-19 crisis?

  18 May 2020 Badru Bukenya     The global message on frequent 20 second handwashing to stem the spread of Covid-19 has heightened the urgency for access to safe and clean water. This in turn has put water management agencies, most of which have a poor reputation for de

WATCH: In country expert, Imran Matin, on Bangladesh’s response to Covid-19

13 May 2020 Chief Executive of The Brac Institute for Governance and Development, Imran Matin reports from Bangladesh on the findings of their rapid research into Covid-19, the dire consequences for the economy and the urgent need for subsistence support packages.

Covid-19 and the Politics of Social Protection

    11 May 2020 Tom Lavers   Social protection has already and will continue to be key to the response to Covid-19. ESID has been conducting research on the politics of social protection in Africa and South Asia over the past five years. Here, leading expert on social p

Nigeria’s response to Covid-19

5 May 2020 Clare Cummings Nigeria was successful in eliminating Ebola, despite a weak public health system. In the latest in our blog series, expert on governance in Nigeria, Clare Cummings, uncovers why this was and whether Covid-19 could be addressed in the same way. The number of c

Ghost towns and crackdowns: The politics of urban Covid-19 control

1 May 2020         Tom Goodfellow                  David Jackman As different responses to coronavirus are implemented around the world, cities have come sharply into focus. One city will forever be associated with the unleashing of Covid-19, and cities account for

Covid-19 and domestic violence: Caring states?

30 April 2020       Sohela Nazneen   ESID’s expert on the politics of domestic violence sets out vital ways that states can address domestic violence during the Covid-19 lockdown.   Image: Bangladesh Women Rally For Their Rights in India. Photo credit: M

Kenya’s response to Covid-19

29 April 2020       Matthew Tyce   Along with several other African countries, Kenya has so far opted against a full Covid-19 lockdown. The government reacted to its first confirmed case on 13 March by banning public gatherings, then added school closures and fligh

Zambia’s response to Covid-19

28 April 2020   In our latest blog in our Covid-19 series, ESID experts discuss the political response in Zambia Zambia is currently in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. As of 23 April, Ministry of Health statistics confirmed 76 cases and three deaths. Currently, the cas

The politics of responding to Covid-19 in developing countries: PART 2

23 April 2020 Tim Kelsall, Sam Hickey, David Hulme, Nicolai Schulz Continuing from Part 1 of this blog, in Part 2, ESID’s senior team discuss what political settlement type is likely to mean for Covid-19 response. In responding to Covid-19, we would generally expect countries wi