Effective States and Inclusive Development

Poverty and social injustice: why are people advocating a ‘relational’ approach? (and what does that mean anyway?)

18 October 2018 Chris Lyon The Effective States and Inclusive Development workshop: “Rethinking social justice and the public realm: what can relational approaches offer?” is at the University of Manchester on Thu-Fri 1st-2nd November 2018. The public plenary lecture will be given by

Workshop: Rethinking social justice and the public realm: what can relational approaches offer?

Rethinking social justice and the public realm: what can relational approaches offer? On Thu 1st and Fri 2nd November ESID will host a workshop on Rethinking social justice and the public realm: what can relational approaches offer? This will bring together an international group of s

How did the West get China wrong? Annual ESID Adrian Leftwich Memorial Lecture by Professor Yuen Yuen Ang

17 October 2018 ESID together with the Global Development Institute is delighted to be welcoming Dr Yuen Yuen Ang, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Michigan, to deliver this year’s Annual Adrian Leftwich Memorial Lecture. To register for free tickets

Effective states reduce poverty faster

  10th October 2018 Antonio Savoia and M. Niaz Asadullah     Can poverty be eradicated is the biggest question for development. Progress in poverty reduction was a central success with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): estimates suggest that as many as one billion peo

“Outstanding” research in prestigious article collection by World Development

20 September 2018 An article in World Development based on an ESID working paper on poverty reduction and the MDGs has been selected for an article collection of five papers that have a fundamental connection to the goals of sustainability and development. This outstanding research by

Kunal Sen’s presentation to UNU-WIDER annual conference – Institutions and economic development

19 September 2018 In his fantastic new role as Director of UNU-WIDER, Professor Kunal Sen delivered this presentation on Institutions and Economic Development to 450 delegates at the UNU-WIDER annual conference. The presentation highlights the findings from ESID book, Deals and Develo

The politics and governance of basic education – drilling into the details

    18 September 2018 Lead editor of new open access book on how politics influences learning outcomes in South Africa, Brian Levy gives an overview of the book and its key findings.   The view that ‘context matters’,  that development practice needs to move from ‘best

An excerpt from Governing Extractive Industries – Resource Extraction and Inclusive Development

22 August 2018   This exciting new book is drawn from ESID research on natural resource governance  that began in 2012. The book’s chapters cover: resource extraction and inclusive development, before looking at specific examples in Peru, Bolivia, Zambia and Ghana. Politica

Global development post-2015: some reflections on convergence and what facilitates it

   Antonio Savoia and David Hulme explore what we know and what we should ask next about developmental convergence.     Research on global development progress during the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) period has been tracking the shift in global wealth occurring with t