Effective States and Inclusive Development

The ‘big stuck’ in state capability and premature load bearing: Some new evidence

9 August 2019 Lant Pritchett   This post was first published on Harvard’s State Capacity Blog.   In the book Building State Capability one of the explanations of the very slow progress shown in acquiring effective and capability administration in developing countries w

Universidad del Pacífico presenta libro ‘Gobernanza de las industrias extractivas: política, historia, ideas’

8 July 2019 For all non-Spanish readers, this blog is about the launch of the Spanish version of the book, Governing Extractive Industries, in Peru. El Centro de Estudios sobre Minería y Sostenibilidad de la Universidad del Pacífico presentó el libro ‘Gobernanza de las industria

EVENT – Comparative workshop in Zambia: Pockets of Effectiveness

8 July 2019 Our researchers are in Zambia this week for workshops on pockets of effectiveness A major challenge for achieving poverty reduction is that the capacity of states to deliver development is in short supply. Nonetheless, recent research has identified that certain parts of t

Five ESID books are open access and free to download

26 June 2019 With the recent publication of two new books, The Politics of Education in Developing Countries and Negotiating Gender Equity in the Global South, there are now five ESID books open access, free to download at these links:              

Productivist social protection in Ethiopia’s ‘developmental state’

    12 June 2019 Tom Lavers   Two recent ESID papers published in African Affairs and Social Science and Medicine (both open access) analyse the political drivers of Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP), one of the largest social assistance programmes in Af

PODCAST – Sam Hickey and Sohela Nazneen present findings of ESID book, Negotiating Gender Equity in the Global South

30 May 2019 In this podcast, Professor Sam Hickey presents an overview of ESID’s new book, Negotiating Gender Equity in the Global South: The Politics of Domestic Violence Policy. Co-editor, Professor Sohela Nazneen, then presents the key findings of the book. You can download t

The persistent challenges of development in Rwanda

18 April 2019 Pritish Behuria This article appeared in a special edition of The East African for #Kwibuka25 in commemoration of 25 years since the Rwandan genocide. This year marks 25 years of Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) rule since the 1994 genocide. Over that time, President Paul K

Governing Extractive Industries book launches at Oxfam America

17 April 2019 Professor Anthony Bebbington Having somebody else explain to you what your book is about is both a luxury and a pleasure. When they do so in public, it is also daunting: will they understand it the same way that you do? Did you do a good enough job trying to present your

Spanish version of Governing Extractive Industries book out now

17 April 2019 Gobernanza de las industrias extractivas : política, historia, ideas Las ideas para el proyecto de investigación sobre el cual se basa este trabajo se empezaron a gestar lentamente en 2012, como parte de discusiones más amplias al interior del Centro de Investigación sob

WATCH: Leading ESID experts present main findings in Cape Town

16 April 2019 Leading experts Tim Kelsall, Sam Hickey and Brian Levy recently presented ESID’s main findings at The Mandela School of Public Governance in Cape Town: ‘How politics, development and state effectiveness interact – main findings of a global research partnershi